My name is Matthew Martin and I discovered Paganism and Shinto in my late-teens and Druidry in my late-twenties. I would describe my faith as an energetic mix of Shinto and Paganism. Shinto is the indigenous faith of Japan. I primarily work with the deity Inari-Okami, kami of rice, fertility and prosperity. Other deities I work with include Loki, Bast, Cernunnos, Ceridwen, Morrigan and others.

I was born and raised in the lovely Celtic country of Wales but currently live in Leicestershire, England. I live with my partner Charlie and our many pets – currently our cat Tama, three snakes, two geckos, a hamster and five rats!

I have been spiritually involved in the Shinto faith since about 2006, where I first started to pray to Inari-Ōkami. I originally discovered Shinto through Japanese folklore involving foxes/kitsune and other youkai. I became fascinated in the rich stories and soon found myself obsessed! In 2005 I obtained the book ‘The Fox and the Jewel’ by Karen Smyers and it went from there!
Inari-Ōkami is my primary deity and I make daily offerings and prayers to them at my kamidana. They have enriched my life in more ways than I could ever explain and I feel blessed to be an ujiko (a child/worshipper) of them. I involve Inari-Ōkami in everything I do and I also often ask them to help me with tarot and oracle readings, in which they provide messages for whoever I am reading for.
‘Fox of Inari’ is a blog that I created in February of 2011 back on Tumblr. I eventually moved it here to WordPress, where it remains today. Here, I post information and personal insights related to Inari-Ōkami, Shinto and sometimes Druidry.
It is my life purpose to help others with their relationship with Inari-Ōkami, spread awareness and information of Inari-Ōkami and above all, try to help others heal and live their lives as they were meant to.
If you have any questions for me, please let me know! Thank you for reading!


If you are interested in my blog posts or would like to use me as a guest blogger, please feel free to contact me at foxofinari@gmail.com. If time permits, I will normally say yes to such requests.


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