Inari, Matsuri

Sangyo-sai (産業祭)

Sangyo-sai (産業祭 - Industrial Festival) is an annual festival at Fushimi Inari Taisha - 'A ceremony expressing thanks to Inari Okami, the deity of all business enterprises, and praying for business success and economic prosperity.' - (Fushimi Inari Website) This festival is one in which people pray for economic prosperity and success with their businesses.… Continue reading Sangyo-sai (産業祭)

Matsuri, Shinto

Matsuri (祭り)

Matsuri (祭り) is the term used for Shinto festivals, events and rites. These can be widespread or local to just a single shrine or two. This article will cover the main matsuri found in shrine Shinto. Matsuri's essential meaning is 'welcoming the descending gods' or 'inviting down the gods'. This stems from the belief that… Continue reading Matsuri (祭り)

Cleansing, Equinox, Matsuri, Sabbats

秋分の日 – Shūbun no Hi

Shūbun no Hi is the Autumn equinox - at this time, light and dark are equal. This is an important time of year in which we can restore balance in our lives. It is the perfect time for self-reflection, gratitude and to give offerings to O-Kami. In the Pagan calender, this event is known as… Continue reading 秋分の日 – Shūbun no Hi